Our services:
Tailored to your needs.

From support and network maintenance to application development and consulting, Siroonian Technologies has the experience and expertise to articulate requirements, formulate a solution, and execute it without waste.

How We Can Help

Siroonian Technologies partners with clients to deliver individually tailored information technology solutions and proactive service plans and to create a long-term competitive advantage for our clients. We have been successfully delivering enterprise-level technology solutions to small- and mid-sized organizations since 1986.

Specialized Expertise

We assist firms in discovering, planning, and deploying project-based solutions designed to fit critical business requirements. Our team is uniquely qualified to deploy custom solutions in a multitude of areas.

System Virtualization

We maximize hardware and software solutions using virtualization technology. A wide variety of products are available in today's market to handle any application load or scale.

Programming & Engineering

Our programming and engineering services encompass everything from developing custom applications to engineering unique network topology. We have vast experience in both programming and engineering. We offer these services with fixed fee amounts.

Disaster Recovery

We provide full disaster recovery planning and services, evaluating your business and developing and deploying a disaster recovery plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Once deployed, we maintain and test the recovery framework to ensure that your vital assets are secure.

Virtual IT Department

We develop a comprehensive maintenance and support plan specialized for your IT infrastructure, augmenting your on-staff resources and allowing you to focus on your core business.


We develop and maintain a sophisticated monitoring system which allows better management and proactive identifications of problems in your computer network. We build and deploy a monitoring server; design monitoring parameters; and monitor, log, and analyze based on these parameters to gain insight into the design, security, and utilization of your network.

Technology Assessments

Technology assessments are an important tool for businesses when considering capital expenditures, security, and long-term strategy. We provide assessments and consultations addressing your company's specific needs and use-cases, empowering you to optimize your IT infrastructure.

Help Desk Services

Our help desk services offer quick response to day-to-day computer issues, and are in most cases able to solve issues remotely over the phone.